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Citizenship Test Canada increases your chances of passing the citizenship test. Each mock test is designed to make preparing for the real deal as stress-free as possible. The multiple-choice and true or false questions are based on the information in the citizenship handbook produced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (the CIC). They thoroughly test your knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of a citizen as it relates to Canada’s: history, geography, economy, government, laws, and symbols.

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Step 1 - Study Hard


Read the citizenship study guide. Review our instant detailed explanations to your answers.
You could pass the test without reading the citizenship guide. But do recommend that our users at least review what’s required so you get familiar with the topics beforehand. Then review the detailed explanations each time you answer one of our practice tests questions. Find the guide online, in hard copy, or download a PDF.


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Unlimited attempts mean trying our free and premium questions as many times as you’d like.
Many aspiring citizens who failed their citizenship test the first time didn’t use a practice test site. They thought they could wing it on their own. Don’t let that be you. Choose to be different. To put in the right work. To make sure you’re prepared, confident, and ready to pass your citizenship test on your first attempt.


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Use each practice test as many times as needed. You’ll retain more information as you learn over time. And the best way to do this is by going over the material multiple times. So, make sure you get started several weeks before your test day to give yourself time to study to get a better pass rate. And if you’re just starting out and your test date is in a week? You can still make it – just start now and put in the work every day, and you’ll reap the rewards. People have done it in less time. But why start late when you can start now?

Try practice test questions based on the topic, study area, randomized, or a mock test. You have so many options in premium, and it’s time to make the next stage of your life the best with your new citizenship.

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Instantly see whether your answers are correct or otherwise. The detailed explanations are colour-coded to reflect this and the incorrect answers strikethrough to make it easier for you.

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We track and update our test question bank with more relevant data to ensure our users are always studying the most accurate and up-to-date information based on the citizenship guide.

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Citizenship practice tests help you pass your Canadian citizenship exam

Aspiring citizens who read their citizenship guide and take our practice tests are more likely to pass than those who don’t. Here’s a reminder of what you need to do to make sure you’re ready for your citizenship test:

  • Read the citizenship guide. Download or access the most recent version here from the CIC website.
  • Use the practice tests. Take our practice tests as many times as needed so you can breeze through the real test. The practice questions are designed to keep you focused and basically overprepare you for the official test.
  • Try the mock tests. Try the test simulator that replicates the exam-like nature of the official test, from the timed test to the structure of the questions and the number of right answers needed to pass.
  • Sit your citizenship test. The last thing is to ensure you’ve signed up properly for the official test because it’s time to become a citizen. You’ll feel confident on test day because you’ve practiced enough and are ready to pass the official test on your first try.

Get Ready Faster to Pass Your Canadian Citizenship

Nothing surpasses the power of practice test questions and simulation exams in preparing for the real test. In all aspects of exam preparation, you need the resources, training, and learning advantages that come from a well-designed e-learning practice test platform.

Our citizenship practice test site helps you prepare in a more effective way that gives you better results. Like our many users who have come before, you too can soon be getting ready for your citizenship ceremony.

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It’s time to cement your future and enjoy the full freedoms and liberties of being a citizen. Don’t worry about what could have been or missed opportunities. Take the first step here and now with the right practice tests to help you pass.

Let’s make your dream of Canadian citizenship a reality.

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