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Citizenship Test Canada is a practice test platform dedicated to helping immigrants become citizens of Canada. We provide a first-rate practice test site built on a proven education platform for success.

Our use of technology, coupled with the skills of our question makers, ensures that you’re in the right hands to ace your citizenship test when the time comes.

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Reading only the citizenship guide doesn’t prepare you to pass. It barely even gives readers a chance to learn. What you need instead is an interactive platform that allows you to study, retain information, and practice for the real test all at the same time.

As a premium e-learning company that has created numerous online practice tests, we know our process works. Our goal is to ensure our users pass their citizenship test. So, we designed and continue to update our platform to support that reality.

With us you can expect:

  • Carefully designed practice tests that reflect the Canadian citizenship test study guide
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  • Us to work with our users and past students to improve each iteration of our practice tests

About Our Tests

Each practice test is designed to be just like the official test. We’ve partnered with several stakeholders to ensure the best-fit questions tailored to the information in the guidebook. We continuously update our test questions and answers to reflect any revisions to the knowledge requirements to pass the test.

That’s why you are guaranteed a better chance at passing by combining the guide with a practice test site like ours.

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