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Practice Tests Increases Your Chances of Passing the Canadian Citizenship Test

We know that these tests make the difference for others. And they can do the same for you. These practice tests are among the best ways to prepare for that all important test that determines your citizenship status. Let us show you how to make your first time the only time you ever do the Canadian Citizenship Test. Because if you put in the work, you'll pass, even if it's your first attempt.

Why Canadian Citizenship Test

Immediate Feedback

Each test question gives you an immediate response, so you know where you stand at all times. Try our free practice test questions by testable sections or try a few simulation tests.

Detailed Responses

Get detailed explanations so you know how to answer the question no matter how it's phrased. And you'll be tackling two birds with one stone Ð practicing and learning at the same time.

Proven Results

Practice tests make the difference. Numerous studies show that when you use practice questions to get ready for a test you significantly increase your odds of passing on your first try.

Practice Leads to Improvement and Passes

Practice doesn't perfect what you're doing. It gives you the chance to continuously improve. You can see the changes as you get better at retaining the information, understanding the questions, and applying your knowledge no matter how a question is asked. And that's how you get ready to pass your citizenship test.


Preparing to Pass Your Canadian Citizenship Test

Step 1


Get your copy of the study guide - Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. It's available online, in hardcopy or as a PDF download.

Step 2


Start using your free access to the citizenship practice test questions and answers. You will have unlimited access to use as many practice tests as you'd like.

Step 3


Test day, you'll be confident and your anxiety under control. You know what to expect. You know the material. So, you'll go in there and ace your actual test.

Practice Tests Designed to Help You Pass

Each practice test is designed based on the actual citizenship test. From the multiple-choice format to the structure of the questions to the number of questions in a mock test, we ensure it's as close to the real one as possible. The questions cover all the relevant topics and sections from the citizenship test study guide. We want to make sure your test is as stress-free as possible by making you the most prepared you could ever be. When you're done, test day will be a breeze, and you'll be ready to walk out as a citizen of Canada.

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